I have often wondered why some people are willing to profoundly change their lives, and others are not.

I suppose some people are constitutionally incapable of honest self assessment and the surrender of impulsive behaviors. But many who are capable of change, do not take the necessary actions–even after they feel the need to change, and are shown the way to do so.

I am convinced that the seed from which all worthwhile achievements spring is a well cultivated “Why”. But for that “Why” to gain motivational power, it must be nurtured and fed with the imagination until it assumes a life of its own and bears fruit.

But that “Gardener” analogy does not dig deep enough. It does not explain why some people cultivate the seed, while others do not. It does not arrive at the essential point of personal accountability; the point where the unwilling can go to become willing.

It is still a mystery to me, But I do not need to solve it. I only need to make sure that I am one of the few who are willing to cultivate the seed.


Seven Short Thoughts

1) God grants us parental privileges, not property rights.

2) Step into the zone of fear again and again, until you wear it out. It will yield ground to you. Then go find it again, because it is standing between you and your dream.

3) Do something new and exciting every once in a while. It is like taking a highlight marker to the story of your life.

4) Three steps forward, and two steps back will take you anywhere you want to go, as long as you keep walking.

5) Perseverance is the most awesome power we can directly experience. It is the inexhaustible stream of efforts that gives real substance to the intangible spirit of our intentions.

All obstacles yield before its compounding power, and all worthwhile dreams are built upon its foundation.

6) Cast not your pearls before dawn. The effect of an idea may be compounded by the timing of its presentation.

7) Sea otters hold hands so they don’t drift apart while they are sleeping. Humans hold hands so they don’t drift apart while they are awake.

A Faint Signal On Your Spiritual Radio

Within the context of time, the timeless instant of “now” is dead. There is nothing there. It is merely a hypothetical cut in the continuity of life.

But outside the context of time, the present moment is everything. There is nothing else. It is life itself that by its very nature can never cease to be.

Time that we spend simply being aware of the input of our senses, letting those sensations flow through without interpretation by our subjective faculties, is time spent outside of time.

This space; this emptiness, is not empty. It is the full, singular expression of life, and the common denominator of all things.

As we listen, though it seems that only the physical world is impressing upon our senses, another door is opened, and something much deeper begins to flow through us and into our world.

It is the only place where we can hear the “still, small voice of God in the wilderness”. And though it may seem to come only as a whisper on the ethereal breeze, this voice resonates powerfully throughout every atom of creation. It is a storm in slow motion; softly irresistible. It is the voice that speaks creation into being.

It wants to speak to us. It wants to speak through us. It wants to help us to help each other. It is the voice of wisdom, abundance, and love. And it has something to tell all of us.

But first, we must silence our own transmissions so that we can receive the signal. That is the trick. That is the dharma of the soul.

A Walk In The Garden

The secret of how to live successfully and happily is far easier to find now–in the age of information–than ever before.

Yet, as before, most people who find it either dismiss it out of hand, or, after trying it briefly, give up.

It is simple, but it is not easy. So they continue their search, hoping to find an easier path; a magic formula that will give them what they desire without requiring a price.

But the joy they seek, and the price to be paid for it are married. They are flowers of the same root. Lasting happiness is not a static condition or a destination to be  reached, it is a process of being.

Not knowing this, many people walk through the garden, but,  seeing only desert, they rush onward, searching desperately for the tree of life.

That is the most difficult path of all.

A Message For The Captain

There is a natural law that is so subtle that most people go through their entire lives without being aware of its existence. Yet it is so powerful that all of creation is formed by it, and all other natural laws are subject to it.

That law is this: We draw into reality–into physical manifestation– anything that we think about repetitively and add emotional energy to.

This creative power works either to manifest our fears, or to grant us the subjects of our aspirations, depending on the nature of our habitual thinking.

It works whether or not we believe it works. But when we believe in it, we can harness it and use it deliberately. This is one of the reasons why faith is so important.

We cannot turn this power off, except by sleeping. And when we are sleeping we have access to feedback about the effects of our past waking thoughts, as well as guidance for future thinking.

This is the most empowering and liberating secret of the ages. Your conscious mind is like a navigator at the helm of a great ship that is driven by a super-conscious engine with unlimited horsepower.

You can abandon the helm and allow the capricious elements of undisciplined thought to steer it aimlessly. You can drive it onto the rocks by choosing a destructive, negative course. Or you can guide it safely into the harbor of your choice with a cargo of goodness for the multitudes.

The choice is yours, Captain.

I hope you have a chart and a compass.


There is a type of person who, from early childhood, seems compelled to do everything in extremes.

They look at what they see within themselves, and compare it to what they perceive on the outsides of others.

It is an unfair comparison, but they do not know it.

In their estimation, they do not measure up, and they feel ashamed.

They suffer in their self imposed disconnection until they cannot endure it any longer.

Then, in a moment of clarity triggered by the collapse of self sufficiency, they gain access to a power that begins within them a transformative process.

In rare cases, this transformation is instantaneous. But usually it is a developmental process.

Eventually, there comes a time when they look upon the inclination toward extremes, and the resultant suffering, as a blessing–as a necessary preparation for compassion and spiritual growth.

The shame of feeling different is replaced by gratitude for the difference. And ironically, they see that the thing they most shared in common with others is the fear that they were different.


My spiritual beliefs have expanded beyond the constraints of religion, and through that process my faith has become focused on the simple belief that God is everything except my ego.

But omnipotence, by its all-inclusive definition, requires that my ego be part of God.

I have yet to reconcile this contradiction. It is a mystery to me. But that is Ok, because only my ego feels any need to solve the mystery.

The deeper part of me is content to perceive neither the mystery nor its solution.